Normally, people think that to have a nice lawn, they must apply fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides. However, with Poway lawn care services, you can grow a healthy carpet of grass quickly. It is common for lawns to be grown on thin layers of deficient soil that contain little organic material or beneficial soil life. It is essential to work from the soil up in order to maintain a healthy, low-maintenance lawn.

A few easy tips to improve the appearance of your lawn are listed below: 


Lawn machinery and foot traffic can compact the soil under your lawn, making it difficult for grass roots and soil microbes to grow. The passages in the soil allow nutrients, water, and air to move down into the root zone. By removing small cores of soil, an aerator helps loosen hard, compacted soil.

A pair of aerator sandals can be worn to walk around your lawn. These aerator sandals have spikes on the bottom that provide passageways for air and water. A permanent walkway can prevent future compaction by minimizing foot and machinery traffic.

Reduce thatch

Over the soil surface, dead grass and grass roots accumulate as thatch. A layer more than half an inch thick blocks air, water, and nutrients. Grass roots grow easier above ground rather than underground.

Eventually, these roots form a dense mat that encircles the plant. Thatch-damaged lawns have limited drought tolerance and are more susceptible to pest and disease infestations. Thatch problems may be indicated by dead patches of lawn. It may also seem like you are walking across a spongy surface.

All the thatch need not be removed - or even desired. This layer protects and insulates the root zone. If your lawn has severe thatch, correct the problem incrementally by contacting  Poway lawn care to avoid damaging it. With a steel-tipped rake, you can usually remove minor thatch accumulations.

It is recommended to rent a mechanical dethatching machine if you have severe problems. For best results, dethatching should be done in early fall. Having reduced the thatch, reduce the amount of fertilizer you apply, and avoid shallow irrigation often once it has been reduced.


It is essential for turf to grow in healthy soil, just like other garden plants. You can encourage grassroots to penetrate deeper into the soil by applying pelletized compost and organic fertilizer with slow release. It is important for plants to have soil that is healthy and biologically active, so they can resist stress, disease, and insect attack. 

Mow high

The roots of a grass plant tend to grow about as deep as its blades. You should never mow your lawn shorter than 2". To improve drought resistance and shade out weed seeds, set your mower higher to 3 inches for even more drought resistance.

Use natural lawn fertilizers.

Is it better to use natural fertilizers rather than synthetic lawn fertilizers? Since they are better for your grass and the environment, as well as working better than synthetics. Compared to synthetic fertilizers, organic and natural lawn fertilizers produce greener lawns. The environment and your family will enjoy the benefits of natural fertilizers.  There are several natural lawn fertilizers to choose from.

Compost your kitchen and garden waste for greener grass.

Composting grass clippings reduces waste and promotes fertility in your garden and lawn. Moreover, you can compost other waste from your garden as well as your kitchen. Compost can help your grass and plants grow greener by adding nutrients to the soil. Compost has many other benefits, including:

  • Added compost to clay and sandy soils improves water drainage.
  • By slowing nutrient release, compost stimulates root growth and provides plant nutrients slowly.
  • Pests and soil-borne plant diseases can be reduced by composting.
  • The use of compost prevents the erosion of precious topsoil.


The idea of grasscycling is to reuse grass clippings from the lawn as they are created during mowing. Grasscycling is very easy to do. The grass clippings can be simply left on the lawn rather than thrown away. Since grass clippings decompose quickly and return nutrients to the soil, it is a good idea to leave them on the lawn to work their magic.

Grass clippings also act as a natural mulch, retaining moisture for your grass. With  Poway lawn care, you will not only be able to enhance your lawn but will be able to save time as well. Their practice of grasscycling also improves soil texture, reduces fertilizer needs, saves time when you mow, and reduces landfill waste.