The word "Xeros" in Greek means "dry." Due to a severe water shortage, the idea of Xeriscape landscaping was developed in Denver, Colorado, in the early 1980s. Denver restricted water use and forbade residents from watering their lawns and gardens. As a result, garden vegetation withered. Denver then started to advertise the Xeriscape. a gardening strategy that uses little water and keeps things looking traditional.

Build A Drought Tolerant Yard


Planning is necessary if you want to implement Xeriscape concepts on your property. Analyse your plot plan in detail and locate the microclimates in your garden. Depending on the climatic and environmental factors, a microclimate can be created within a landscape. A zone with different water needs is created by elements like air movement, heat, moisture, sun, and shade.

Very Low Water use Zone

Decks and paved areas are two kinds of the zone that require less or no water. However, ensure you use permeable materials like bricks or paving stones for paved areas. It encourages soaking the rainwater in the ground.

Law Water Use Zone

Somewhat exposed low-water areas need sporadic irrigation to maintain the plant's health. By mulching, using a low-volume irrigation system, or making use of water runoff from driveways or downspouts, you can conserve water here.

Moderate Water Use Zone

Zones with moderate water use should only be located in strategic locations, such as the entrance or useful areas. It is an exposed area with turf or plants that require a little more water.

Grouping plants with comparable water requirements is made easier by analysing and identifying the water use zones.

Improve Soil Structure

The main objective of Xeriscape is to promote the establishment of a deep root system in the plant. Before growing deep-rooted plants in urban areas, your soil needs to be improved because the soil there is compacted. Tilling can be used to create aeration and break up compaction. In order to keep the soil porous, add organic matter. In some circumstances, it is crucial to chemically enhance the soil's structure by adding nutrients or other necessary components. Both types of soil improvement are advised by Lawn Doctor Xeriscape architects for strong, deep root development.

Establish Practical Turf Areas

While building the Xeriscape landscape, you should limit turf areas where it can provide functional benefits. You need to plan the shapes and location for turf, and it should be consolidated into large and relatively flat areas. Ensure you do not install turf on a narrow path, in median strips, steep slopes, or along the foundation.

Select Drought-Tolerant Plants

Utilising healthy, regionally appropriate plants that can withstand hot, humid, and dry weather conditions is crucial for Xeriscape landscaping. For them to thrive, plant them in the right location and take good care of them. The cactus, which has numerous species throughout North and South America, is the plant best suited for xeriscapes. Because its thickened round stems can store water and because of its waxy skin, this native plant successfully conserves water.

Other drought-tolerant plants that are good for Xeriscaping include agave, juniper, lavender, etc. Herbs like thyme, sage, and oregano are planted. You can grow Jerusalem artichokes, black walnuts, sapodillas, and other plant


The ideal and cost-effective solution for giving your landscape a lovely appearance is xeriscaping. Many owners of xeriscape landscapes have asserted that their plants use 60 to 80 percent less water. It significantly reduces water use and costs, making it a great choice for homeowners in dry climates where water supply is a constant concern. Residents of Novato, California, received incentives for conserving energy by converting their traditional lawns to xeriscaping. The city's water department reported that going with the xeriscape design actually resulted in a water savings of more than 100 gallons.

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